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 DeFore's Landscaping 

Winter Services

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • 24hr Service
  • Snow Plowing
  • Snow Removal
  • Loader Service
  • Bulk Road Salt
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Liquid Calcium Chloride

Prior To Snow Season

We take a proactive approach to the winter season. Well before the temperature drops we work with you to formulate a comprehensive snow and ice management plan, tailored to your site. We start by walking every inch of your site, mapping out and flagging traffic patterns, curbs, fire hydrants, and other hazards that might not be so evident under a foot of snow.

What To Expect During A Snow Storm

Durning a snow storm, we will track the storm minute-by-minute as it moves into the area. Once snow accumulation or precipitation is predicted, preparations are made to begin immediate deployment of crews and equipment. Salting crews are dispatched as soon as the storm begins, generally in the first 2-4 hours of the storm. After two inches of snow accumulation, commercial parking lots and walkways will be plowed and shoveled

Please note that when snow accumulations continue to occur over several hours, crews will repeat routes until the snow has ceased and driveways and lots are cleared. It is also important to understand this process in the event that you are at the beginning of the route... we will be back!

For our commercial customers, we will return the following day after a snow storm to plow the edges, driveways, and parking areas previously occupied by vechicles. This is a routine follow up service and is provided at no additional charge.

Detailed Snow Records

Our service doesn't stop once the snow and ice are gone. We fully document every storm event throughout the winter snow season. We provide detailed snow maintenance records to commercial clients, specifying weather conditions, site conditions and services provided. More than keeping you informed, these reports are evidence of your snow management program, should you need to protect your interests in the aftermath of a winter snow season.

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